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We are currently looking for photos to post to the "PHOTO ALBUM" page on our website under the category of photos our visitors took of Yoshii River. You can send us photos depicting a particular memory, a place of scenic beauty you happened upon, an event, delicious food or any other image that captures the allure of Yoshii River.

[How to Post Photos]
Provide the required information and send your photos to the e-mail address
[Required Information]
  • Titles of the photos
  • Descriptions of the photos
  • Locations where the photos were taken
  • Your online nickname
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  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
[Rules for Posting Photos]
  • You can only post photos that depict Setouchi City, Akaiwa City or Wake Town.
  • Please make sure the photos you want to post are in the jpg format.
  • The size of each photo file must not exceed 3 MB.
  • Do not attach more than one file per e-mail.
  • Only use one-byte alphanumeric characters in the names of the photo files. (*If you include Japanese characters, spaces or symbols in the file names, the files may not be sent successfully.)
  • If any of your photos include people, please be sure to obtain their permission before posting the photos.
  • Also, be sure to include a note saying "permission obtained." We cannot publish the photos without it.
  • Do not post any photos that may infringe the copyright of a third party.
  • In addition, do not post any photos that violate the law or obscene photos.